Hello, I'm Rodolphe.

I'm a Product Owner.
I am using my skills on agile software development.
My general engineer education allow me to communicate easly with different kind of people and to integrate and manage multidisciplinary teams.


7 years of experience
16 websites & apps created
2 companies launched

63 companies coached and advised

My skills

Product Owner & Agile mindset

Working with the development team and the Scrum Master to manage product development. Interacting with the client and end-users to capture pains & ideas and to understand the "why" of the project & their real needs. Defining, redacting and sharing a clear product vision & specifications to the team. Create user stories, manage the backlog product & sprints, roadmap & priorities, maximize the product's value, product increment testing before production. Daily stand-up meeting & communication with the team.

Complex project management

Trained in the management of complex & multi-stakeholder/multi-skills projects, and within my seven years of experience, I have developed real expertise in this field. My strong analytical skills allow me to understand & structure complex product development projects.
My managerial skills allow me to manage a multidisciplinary team towards a common goal and SMART. When necessary and depending on the maturity of the project team, I can coach people on Agile / SCRUM methodology.


I have a real desire to work as a team with people. I like sharing ideas with others & working with other experts. My empathy and effective communication allow me to have a positive impact on a group. I have multiple group work experiences and have all the skills to manage a group.


Speaking professional English, I can manage projects related to other countries or in a multicultural team context. I can interact, speak & write in Shakespeare's language.

Multidisciplinary profile

My training as a general engineer, my experience since then and my curiosity have allowed me to develop one of the most valuable skills in the business world: the ability to understand and discuss with a wide range of people from different backgrounds. Without being an expert in all fields, having minimum knowledge in several fields gives me the ability to start projects involving various trades, to work with people from all horizons, to make the link between these people and to popularize knowledge and information to share them with everyone.

Website and communication on the internet

In order to primarily meet my own needs, I have developed skills in Web development, Web design, and communication via the various levers offered by the Internet. Since 2017, I have been making my skills available to my clients. My line of conduct is simple: to create digital products answering the last tendencies, consultable on any type of support and response to the needs of communication of my customers. I put a priority on making these sites pleasant and easy to access for the visitor. Internet advertising is developed to boost the visibility of their offer.

Change Management

Companies are doomed to change on a regular basis. These sources of change can be external (technology, regulation, market, etc.) or internal (organization, procedure, new types of management, etc.). I support businesses in the definition of their change objectives, the development of an action plan, the definition of results indicators (KPI) and, of course, support for change centered around people. My abilities to listen to people and think out of the box are a real plus to allow a successful change process.


Through almost all of my activities, I carry out coaching actions. These can take two forms. The first is personal coaching which aims to help the company manager or an employee to achieve his objectives and develop skills (time management, organization, etc.). Regular follow-up after coaching sessions is a real plus motivation. The second concerns group training sessions enabling several people to acquire and test new skills.


Curiosity and a strong willingness to learn are, for me, the keys to remaining competent and bringing ever more added value to the professional market. My ability to learn, which I have developed over the years, is one of the levers that has enabled me to launch many effective and relevant services for companies.

Innovation management

Specialized in innovation from the beginning of my engineering training, I have since developed a passion for this philosophy of thinking. Seeking to develop a company's business, an entire sector or simply a product or service quickly became a vocation and a second nature. My knowledge of tools dedicated to fostering innovation allows me to coach multidisciplinary groups and to organize practical workshops in order to allow others to understand ways of innovating. People thus accompanied see for themselves that they can innovate. I also audit companies in order to identify their capacity to innovate as well as possible gaps. I accompany companies in order to pass from a generation of Top-Down ideas to Bottom-Up. The operational teams and the customer himself being the ablest to find innovative ideas. Agility can then be introduced when necessary.


Working as an entrepreneur since 2015, I develop my activities and integrate the principles of Effectuation, Lean Startup and frugal innovation in order to offer relevant and efficient services for customers. I like to experiment with new things, as was the case with the writing of my first book.

Creativity catalyst

Finding new ideas is the challenge of any company. Whether your objective is the creation of new products / services, the improvement of working conditions or the optimization of your internal procedures, I pilot workshops and creativity sessions allowing teams to generate hundreds of ideas. My skills range from facilitating these group sessions to helping you sort through ideas and training teams to unleash their creativity potential on a daily basis.

I'm using these tools

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trello, TFS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Excel, Asana, Basecamp, PowerPoint, Word, Canva

⭐⭐⭐ Jira, Confluence, Airtable, Glideapps, Mailchimp, Google Analytics

⭐ Photoshop

Programming Languages


⭐ Python, C++

May 2020 ‐ Present

Guarani consultant on mission for DataFirst – Lyon, France

Functional analyst
🚘 Development of a new CRM dedicated to car dealers: CRM360. Working in an Agile SCRUM team and workflow.

  • Need analysis
  • Managing backlog: adding and prioritizing US
  • Writing User Stories & creating mock-ups
  • Testing / Functional verifications
  • Customer demonstrations & support

Pickactivity application development

October 2015 ‐ March 2019

Founder of Pickactivity, full time
Oct. 2018 - Mar. 2019
👪 Launching a community platform, Pickactivity.com, that allows parents to find in 1 minute new activities & family events to live with their children.
I live all the entrepreneurial process (inspired by the Lean Startup approach):

  • Understand parents' & professionals' needs
  • Define requirements
  • Create a Business Model, BM pivot (subscription to ticket management), define the project's budget & KPI
  • Launch, promote, talk to user & get feedback
  • Create & animate a community of social media: Facebook, Instagram.
  • Send a newsletter every Thursday to the parents community
  • Design a POC & a MVP and then create a website with secure payment e-commerce (Wordpress) & Android application (web app)
  • Prospect professionals working on the family market

Freelancer, part-time
Oct. 2015 - Mar. 2019
💻 Product Owner & Web designer of trendy websites and effective communications for SME (logo, flyer, Facebook Ad, Google Adwords, Community Management...): www.boxweb.be

  • Prospect companies & Freelances about digital projects
  • Define requirements during client meetings, select product features, send proposals & follow-ups
  • Teamwork with my IT associate on all the projects
  • Manage offshore workers on 3 projects
  • Recruitment of a freelance sales representative
  • Guaranteeing one-week sprints and obtaining feedback from customers
  • Coding (html, CSS) or using CMS like Wordpress to develop websites, creating designs, managing subcontractors

👨‍🏫 Expert consultant and trainer in innovation, creativity & entrepreneurship.

  • Lecture on innovation for SME
  • Lecture on entrepreneurial process, business launching, creativity methods for candidates entrepreneur
  • Helping project teams during Hackathon on business strategy, creativity tools, define service prices, Business Model Canva, Value Proposition Canva, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Startup & Effectuation approach. Markets: IoT, sustainable business, App development...

📙 Author of the book: 101 quotes to boost your creativity

  • Writing the book in one weekend with a maker mindset
  • Publish as book & ebook thanks to Amazon services

February 2013 ‐ September 2018

Construction Confederation – Brussels, Belgium

Product Owner & Innovation leader
Oct. 2013 - Sep. 2018
⚗️ Products & services development with team and stakeholders.

  • Product Owner of the development of new administrative, accounting and strategic services specific to construction companies
  • Full organization of the first Hackathon dedicated to the construction sector in Belgium: 48 hours event, 51 attendees, 14 coaches, +30 partnerships, 5 sponsors for a budget of 25k€, management of the planning and the event organization team
  • Launch, manage the delay, test delivery of the team of further projects
  • Be the construction business representative for projects development & lobby
  • Operational management of two interns for one year

💡 Management of the Construction Confederation's innovation process and dynamics.

  • Animate prototyping sessions for all the team: 1 day to generate ideas, develop the business model, test the attractiveness & pith them in front of a jury
  • Initiation and coordination of multiple actions related to working conditions, team training, improvement of internal procedures
  • Implementing lite SCRUM process for the environment unit: present methods, coaching during one mouth to lead to autonomy
  • Evolution of the team between 2013 and 2017 following the development of projects: from 8 to 16 people

Business consultant - Management Business unit
Oct. 2013 - Mar. 2018
📈 Help & create strategic plans for 57 construction companies:

  • Two-day immersion in companies to identify areas for improvement
  • Realization of a 360 degrees diagnosis
  • Needs & habits understanding to create & customized management tools: KPI management, check-list, CRM, site & team management...
  • Coaching and follow-up of the implementation of the actions
  • Guide entrepreneurs on their business model development as a certified Resilience Coach
  • Manage and respect a budget of 360k€ over 4,5 years and government subsidy (pitch, new calling, reporting)

Innovation engineer - six months internship
Feb. 2013 - Aug. 2013
🏁 Creation and implementation of a sustainable approach to innovation in order to allow the team (8 people) to develop new services.

  • Audit of the innovation capacity of the company
  • Development of two innovation guides for the team.
  • Define the "Management Business unit" & fundraising research to make it happen (launch on October 2013)

2008 ‐ 2013

ENSGSI - National School of Engineering Systems and Innovation - Nancy, France
🎓 ENSGSI is a French National Engineering School. This is the school of innovation dedicated to business. It aims to train engineers with expertise in conducting complex industrial projects with agility, managing multidisciplinary team, implementing innovation processes & change in companies. The ENSGSI is the first school in France and in Europe to be accredited in MOT (Management of Technology). See the all program.
I did an exchange program at Copenhagen University College of Engineering, Denmark, during five months - ERASMUS (sept. 2012 to Jan.2013).
The main experiences learned during my engineering studies:

  • Development of three projects with companies (9 months each), as a team of 4-5 people. Alternating the role of Project Manager.
  • SCRUM & Product Owner skills (e-commerce app development,...)
  • Agile mindset
  • Participate in three editions of "48 hours Agile" - developing products or services for companies
  • Prototyping, MVP, CAO (SolidWorks), creativity tools, trend board
  • Pitching in front of a large public
  • People & self-management


Find below the feedback of some of the people with whom I have collaborated during my career.

“Rodolphe has an incredible sense of methodology and team spirit which makes him work with him very fluid. Rodolphe is a proactive, organized person, always working with care, in whom we quickly understand that we can have total confidence. Capable of a great autonomy while not fearing information sharing and transparency, Rodolphe has largely contributed to making my role as transversal project coordinator very pleasant. Thanks to his commitment and efficiency, Rodolphe aims for and obtains excellent results for the missions he leads or contributes to. Rodolphe has been a real driving force and support for internal innovation and for launching cross-functional projects. He knows how to adapt to the constraints of new projects. Rodolphe knows how it works, its strong points and those to be developed. In a constant quest to learn, improve and renew himself, he demands new challenges and new responsibilities. It has been a pleasure working with him and I can only recommend his participation in your team.” See more on Linkedin


Charline Boyer, Project Coordinator Confédération Construction Bruxelles-Capitale

“Following the excellent results of his internship, we decided to hire Rodolphe and lead him on an ambitious mission to advise entrepreneurs in the construction sector on strategy, management and innovation. His mission was, moreover, to make them aware that some of their procedures and methodologies were not optimal, or even that there were gaps in the daily management of their company. It was once again with remarkable brilliance that he succeeded in this mission. The compliments of the companies that were able to benefit from this service were numerous and eloquent and the companies that applied the advice were able to see a real improvement in their daily operations and a renewed growth in their activity. Moreover, during his years at our service, Rodolphe embodied innovation within our organization for the entire team! But what probably remains most striking about Rodolphe is his workforce, which is completely out of the ordinary, combined with scrupulous respect for a methodology that is constantly evolving.” See more on Linkedin


Laurent Schiltz, Secretary General Confédération Construction Bruxelles-Capitale

“Efficient, pragmatic and particularly attentive, Rodolphe can, through his experience, give a boost to your company. The recommendation of his services to certain colleagues having met the same satisfaction, I can only invite you to contact him.”


Dimitri Laroy, Business Owner Toitures Laroy Dimitri sprl

“As a training supervisor, Rodolphe was able to successfully accompany me in the mission entrusted to me. He is a human manager, who listens and who has put my skills and knowledge to good use. I appreciated his undeniable attraction for innovation and his entrepreneurial philosophy, which brought a real plus to the projects we worked on together!” See more on Linkedin


Marc Wing, Digital Transition Project Collaborator Construction Confederation


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